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Getting your roof replaced and adding beauty to your home should be an enjoyable experience, unfortunately that is not always the case. We get calls frequently from good people who paid a Tampa Roofer a large sum of money to replace or repair there roof. Then, as summer approaches and the storms come, the roof that same roof begins to leak, coasing water damage, mold and a great deal of hardship to the homeowner. Sometimes with tears and desperation they call us asking "what can be done?" at that point we try to help them pick up the pieces but in most cases there contractor is gone there money is gone and they end up paying to have the brand new roof repaired or in some cases replaced.

These roofing custoers always say that hind site is 20/20, and that they should have been more careful. So choosing the right tampa roofing company that has enough experience, man power and equipment to handle whatever the roofing job requires, is the easiest way to avoid the nightmares that we have all heard about. Typically the good contractors won't be the lowest bidder because they do the job rite, they use all the proper materials (no short cuts) and they dont save money by hiring temporary unskilled labor to install the roof that's is covering the whats most important ( your family and your possesions). So again, be careful assuming that cheaper is always better. We take pride in our work and in the fact that we have been a member of the better buisiness bureau for years and established an A+ plus rating. We have served thousands of satisfied roofing customers in the Tampa bay area..

When you choose Larry Miller Inc. for your commercial or residential roofing needs, you can always count on:

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